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First off, thank you for taking the time to visit my new website and for taking the time to explore this page and get to know me and the method behind the madness that is horse training!  Every little girl grows up wanting to be around horses, some grow out of it, some are never interested, and then there are the few that live and breathe horses non stop and can never get enough.  That was me.  Fortunately, my mom, Cindy, rode horses as well so I had a bit of an excuse to be a crazy horse girl and get a young and strong start into the horse life, but little did I know that my passion would become my career.  After getting my fill of bareback galloping as a child, I moved into jumping and quite enjoyed that due to the pure thrill of it still being something similar to always fearlessly galloping around bareback, but as I started to jump higher and higher, my mom began to like me doing it less and less.  This and a few bad falls prompted my mom to switch us both out of jumping and into a discipline that kept all four hooves on the ground, so to speak.  She took to cutting horses and simply bought me a pony that wasn't motivated enough in life to want to jump but that also had enough tail to keep me busy for hours grooming.  This pony, "McDuff", quickly became my best friend whether he liked it or not, and we both ended up going into dressage as he was only green broke and it was something that seemed interesting to me.  Long story short, McDuff and I went through a fair share of trainers telling us we couldn't do dressage, or telling me I need a different horse and that he isn't capable, but it was this doubt in everyone else that fueled our fire to keep going and become what we were told was not possible.  Through all of our frustrations, McDuff and I persevered and competed all the way up through Prix St Georges before he headed into early retirement in 2017.  While he and I were still going strong, my mom had bought me another horse in 2010, "Questt", as a schoolmaster for me to learn on.  Questt was 15 at the time, and was a half Arabian, half Swedish warmblood and was an absolute gentleman, quite the opposite of McDuff.  In 2010, I earned my USDF Bronze medal competing the two horses when I was only 12 years old.  In 2012, I earned the USDF Shining Star youth sportsmanship award as well as my USDF Silver Medal.  Two years later in 2014, and after being told we weren't ready for Grand Prix and having my trainer quit on me at a show, Questt and I entered our first Grand Prix and left the weekend with our scores for my USDF Gold Medal at only 16 years old while he was 19 years young.  Questt moved onto a new home in 2015 and is still alive and well.  Also during this time, I took my turn with a young horse and successfully started him under saddle and competed for a few years before selling him as a jumper in 2016.  The following year was spent looking for my next FEI horse to hopefully compete in the U25 Grand Prix Brentina Cup, and in the fall of 2017, I met "Smartie", an incredibly talented gelding with a complete puppy personality.  In spring of 2018, we went out at Intermediare 1 and averaged a season score of 68%, earning us the USDF Jr/YR Intermediare 1 champion title and Westfalen high point.  However, something was off and after lots of vet work, I learned Smartie had severe kissing spines.  I opted for the surgery in October of 2018, which brought huge success, only to be off again in the spring, which resulted in Smartie undergoing arthroscopic surgery to repair a complete tear of the cruciate ligament in his stifle as well as 10 weeks of hydrotherapy.  Given his age, size, and the injury, he was only given a 50% chance of being rideable again, and at that, another 10% chance he'd ever make it to Grand Prix.  With his determination and my patience, we made it down centerline at Intermediare 2 summer 2020 scoring a 74%, and Grand Prix the following weekend.  Smartie has the biggest heart and boundless determination which made his recovery possible and still keeps him going at 17 years old.  

I took on my first clients for lessons and training program in 2016, and quickly built up a busy training program.  My program ranged from young green horses all the way thru Grand Prix, as well as junior riders to mid-aged amateurs either with ambitions to compete or just enjoy riding at home.

I've ridden under a wide variety of clinicians- Christophe Theallet, George Willams, Laura Graves, Conrad Schumacher, Anne Gribbons, and Christine Traurig to name a few.  I have also attended the FEI trainer's conference in Florida in 2018 and 2020, as well as the Region 6 trainer's workshop.

In the spring of 2021, my mom and I decided it was time for our next chapter and to move from Oregon down to Texas, and at the same time, gamble and purchase four young horses from an online auction in Europe.  These four horses were selected by me all for different reasons, but ultimately with the goal in mind of re-selling, which brings me to a new chapter in my horse career.  I started teaching lessons and taking training horses in 2016, and while I loved teaching and watching both my two and four-legged students improve daily, I look forward to bringing new beginnings and new chapters to other people's lives in purchasing quality horses.  There can be so much fear and uneasiness in the horse buying process, so I strive to bring quality and confidence to the process to make it as seamless as possible because in the end, my client's smile is what makes it all worth it to me.

I look forward to hearing from you!

"Questt"- 2013 Intermediare Freestyle Champion
Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.17.40 PM.jpg
"McDuff"- 2015 high school senior picture
"Smartie"- 2020 Grand Prix
"Royal Summer Knight"- 2021 colt, Don Olymbrio x Flemmingh x Weltruhm
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