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"Nash" 2018 KWPN stallion (not approved)
Glock's Toto Jr. x Fürstenball x Esteban

“Nash” is the sweetest, kindest, most lovable stallion anyone comes across. He is the definition of a Labrador- he’s gentle spirited and as loyal as they come and definitely knows his person over anyone else that handles him. Despite his size and being a stallion, he walks with his head low and a quiet demeanor by other horses, including mares, and is easy enough for a young kid to handle/groom/bathe, etc. “Nash” was started under saddle about one year ago in Europe, and was imported in May 2021. I kept him in a light program thru August and then decided to give him a several month break to allow him to grow and mature physically as he looked like four different horses put together due to his size. Despite that, though, he has an incredible and natural balance in all three gaits and feels very uphill to ride. After having around 5 months off, his first ride back under saddle in mid-January was just as easy as he was when he was working consistently. He has an incredible brain and willingness to work, is light to the aids, confident, and not spooky. He is safe and sane enough for a junior or amateur wanting a sweet and tall horse to bring up through the level, but will be flashy and competitive for an ambitious rider or trainer. He is easy to lunge and knows all vocal commands, and will go over plastic, cardboard, and puddles without hesitation. As of about a month ago, I have been injured and his light work has become even lighter, and with an unknown outcome for my healing, I’ve decided to let him go so he can have the best opportunity for his development.

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