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"Lor Lucero"

2014 PRE gelding

Seni Riojano II x Indio-Seni III                                                      $50,000 


"Lulu", as we call him, is an absolutely gorgeous, silver-dappled gelding that I imported from Spain in May 2023. He had a pretty relaxed life in Spain and did hacks and lighter dressage work, so he is very low miles and requires no maintenance at all.

Lulu is doing 2nd level and I just started putting the changes together about a couple weeks ago, but due to his upright and straight balance, he has them just about figured out! He is a very quick learner and wants to please, and has a great "worker bee" mentality, though he is also happy to have relaxed stretchy rides too.

Lulu is the type of horse that goes almost 100% off the leg and seat, making him light to the aids and safely forward thinking. He would do best with someone with soft hands while he works to seek the contact confidently. He is very forgiving, and wants to please in all of his work. He does understand stretching, bending, and half halts to the rein, just prefers a soft contact as he can get a bit light.

Lulu is not spooky, has no buck/rear, etc. He would be suitable for riders who appreciate a light ride (light in the hand and to the aids), whether you're a confident AA, tactful Jr, or a Pro wanting something to develop up the levels. He does appreciate a quietly confident rider, but he is learning to develop his own confidence and be proud of himself as well. On the ground, he is very sweet and kind, and loves to have a single person to give his affection to. Between his good looks, sporty gaits, sweet temperament, and willing work ethic, he is sure to go far and create a great partnership with his new person!

Old x rays on file from January 2017 as well as my PPE X rays from March 2023. Dental done June 2023.

Video from 8/11/23, rider is 5'9". 5th time asking for changes.


"Adiel YD"

Mongofre x Juglar XXVI
2016 PRE gelding                                    $45,000 very negotiable to the right fit


Adiel is an incredible opportunity for a rider who isn’t intimidated by a horse with a youthful personality. He is a talented horse with clear upper level potential and is marketed accordingly; however, a perfect fit is more important than price, and the owner is motivated to move him to his perfect new home.

Adiel is smart, athletic, talented, and has the work ambition that comes with the PRE's. I imported Adiel about a year ago from Spain and had only a handful of rides on him before he was purchased. After several months with his new owner, it became clear that they were not the right fit for each other, as he began to write rules of his own, making him unsuitable in that situation. Adiel needs a rider and partner who can set the agenda from Day 1 and who can be firm about who is in charge, as Adiel is happy to take the lead if the rider doesn't. This behavior is not mean or aggressive, but this smart and clever horse needs to be challenged with work and consistency. He is sweet and affectionate to be around and to groom, is great in the cross ties, to bathe, clip, stands for the farrier, loads and travels, etc.

Adiel is almost solid second level (needs to confirm cleaner simple changes, walk/canter/walk transitions), doing excellent trot half passes and starting green canter half passes. I have just begun the process of playing with half steps and towards passage under saddle, but he will do lovely half steps/piaffe on the long lines from the ground. He went to his first show in July, with no score expectations, and earned many compliments from fellow competitors and the judges for his talent. He remained safe and on the aids the during the entirety of his rides, even with all the surrounding commotion in the busy, multi-ring arena setting. He is sure to be a great competition horse for his next rider as he gains show experience.

Adiel is best suited for an experienced, tactful, and ambitious rider (Jr, AA, or Pro) in a program with a trainer to best guarantee his success. He is NOT suitable for someone only wanting to ride intermittently, who is inexperienced, not working with a trainer, or wanting a pretty companion. Adiel thrives on a full work program where consistency and boundaries are enforced. He has been in a clear, concise, and consistent program the past three months he has been back with me, and he has been making steady progress both mentally and physically. Personally, I love having Adiel in my program, as he is a true work horse and builds momentum off each ride, plus he has such fun gaits!

I have a small set of X-rays from summer 2022, videos from Spain before my purchase, and the owner's extensive set of PPE X-rays available from fall of 2022, available to serious inquires. Adiel’s only maintenance needs are to keep him on Vitamin E due to a deficiency found last fall.

If you have considered all of this information AND watched his video linked below, and you think Adiel could be your next horse, please message me and let's talk!

Video from 8/8/2023, rider is 5'9".

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